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One True Pairing






tune in next week to see the epic season finale of My One True Pairing…….
don’t actually come back…. this isn’t a real TV show. i would understand if u thought so because we’re just that creative but naaw, we done here. you know what, you could leave a like if u wanna, only if u wanna. Ok i feel bad for leaving you guys with a cliff hanger so i’ll just tell out the story. SPOILER ALERT!!! Adenine gonna choose Thymine cause he more stable and stuff, plus Uracil is kind of a douche and he cheated on her before so she would be kinda stupid to go back with him. And Cytosine gonna deny Guanine, not because she doesn’t love him but because she wanna experience the world outside of the relationship, which if you ask me makes absolutely no sense because she never gonna do any better than him . Anywhore disregard everything you just read here because it has absolutely nothing to do with base pairing and i probably just wasted like 3 minutes of alot of yall’s time.

love, peace and chicken grease -Ren

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