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It seems that we have found out our friend’s, the alpha helix, secret online dating profile. Let’s see how he describes himself.


-Ren and Nandi



Let’s gather ’round kids cause its story time once again. The story of… Proline (dun DUN DUUUUUNN!!!!!!!!)

There was once this amino acid named Proline. It looks like a common a.a , it’s cyclic and non-polar and has a fused ring structure (seems pretty normal right?) WRONG!! This amino acid is far from normal. The alpha carbon and the alpha amino group bond to form this ring structure, but this leaves no hydrogen free to be donated and to stabilize the structure of the alpha helix or a beta pleated sheet, thereby disrupting the structure!

The victims of proline’s wrath are said to be left horribly disfigured (a slight bend/kink in the structure due to the lack of the H-bond present.)

Legend has it that proline is still seen around bends, and lurking at the end of the structures, plotting it’s revenge….BOO!!



A Scary Story Of…


The wind howled menacingly as the rain fell over AminoVille. It was 11pm and at the Peptide’s house, Proteins and their girlfriends, Hydrogens, were chilling on the couch watching Pro-teen Wolf. They watched the television intensely while they cuddled with their girlfriends. This made Proteins felt stable since they were really afraid of the show.

 Bam! A noise was heard coming from the outside. They all jumped and some Proteins messed their pants with amino acids. They laughed at each other but decided to take a look to see what had caused the noise. Their girlfriends were with them of course since the Proteins were wimps. To their relief it was just an amino acid residue branch that fell from the polypeptide tree. They continued watching their show.

 Bam! Again, the noise was heard but it was louder and closer this time. They all went outside on the porch gazing on, looking for what had made the sound. Then, all of a sudden, these thugs appeared from the dark of the night, Heat, Urea, Ethanol, Acetone and Acid and Base who looked very strong, surrounded them.

 They stuffed them in the trunk of the car and carried them to a creepy forested area and told each of them to line up. Proteins were scared out of their wits. The thugs then shouted, “We are going to denature you all!” The Proteins looked at each other; fear filled their eyes as they hugged their Hydrogen girlfriends tighter.

 The thugs then forced them to break up with their Hydrogen girlfriends. The proteins refused to but the thugs were too strong for them. After the break up, all the thugs began to laugh at how the Proteins looked. They looked like losers and wimpy without their Hydrogen girlfriends.

AND this my friends is how Proteins get denatured…well at least in my head :/ teehee.

-Nandi 2014

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