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super fact sunday

  • Humans and cabbage has about 40-50 % similar DNA

shocked patrick

  • If you uncoil your DNA, it would be long enough to reach to the moon and back 6000 times!
  • Boys…here’s a fun fact for you. A single sperm has 37.5MB of DNA information in it. When it is ejaculated this represents a transfer of data around 1,587GB in 3 seconds…WELL! That’s fast…


  • It would take someone to type 60 words per minute and 8 hours a day anddd 50 years to type the human genome..daymmmm

banana dna

dna ugly


Leonardo DaVinci’s depiction of the Electron Transport Chain




etc4 “Animation: Electron Transport System and ATP Synthesis (Quiz 1).” 2014. (accessed 24 Mar 2014).

Introduction into awesomeness…….. of biochem

Hey yall, this is the best bloggin’ biochemistry blog you will ever come across in your bloggin’ life and I guarantee you will be mind blogged!! 😀 Arie, Nandi, Ren, Rissa and blog daddy Andy are responsible for this awesome blog that we hope you all would enjoy as much as we are enjoying this course and we are excited to blog our ideas and thoughts throughout the semester. The purpose of this blog is to provide an easy and fun way to remember the material needed to pass this course by using funny cartoons, pictures, cool graphics and videos…hence our name biochemedians (comedians). Enjoy scrolling!

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