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One True Pairing






tune in next week to see the epic season finale of My One True Pairing…….
don’t actually come back…. this isn’t a real TV show. i would understand if u thought so because we’re just that creative but naaw, we done here. you know what, you could leave a like if u wanna, only if u wanna. Ok i feel bad for leaving you guys with a cliff hanger so i’ll just tell out the story. SPOILER ALERT!!! Adenine gonna choose Thymine cause he more stable and stuff, plus Uracil is kind of a douche and he cheated on her before so she would be kinda stupid to go back with him. And Cytosine gonna deny Guanine, not because she doesn’t love him but because she wanna experience the world outside of the relationship, which if you ask me makes absolutely no sense because she never gonna do any better than him . Anywhore disregard everything you just read here because it has absolutely nothing to do with base pairing and i probably just wasted like 3 minutes of alot of yall’s time.

love, peace and chicken grease -Ren



super fact sunday

  • Humans and cabbage has about 40-50 % similar DNA

shocked patrick

  • If you uncoil your DNA, it would be long enough to reach to the moon and back 6000 times!
  • Boys…here’s a fun fact for you. A single sperm has 37.5MB of DNA information in it. When it is ejaculated this represents a transfer of data around 1,587GB in 3 seconds…WELL! That’s fast…


  • It would take someone to type 60 words per minute and 8 hours a day anddd 50 years to type the human genome..daymmmm

banana dna

dna ugly

Oleic acid in insect repellent

Oleic acid is an example of a subgroup of lipids known as fatty acids. The article ‘ Effectiveness of Oleic Acid as a Bug Repellent against the Rice Flour Beetle’ describes an investigation into the function of oleic acid as an insect repellent. This was done by observing the effect of the presence of oleic acid on the behaviour of rice flour beetles with respect to rice flour, a favourite food of theirs.

Oleic acid is a known chemical released in the form of pheromones by certain insects upon death. Insects identify this hormone by its scent, and it signifies death and the possibility of disease to them. Insects avoid the source of this scent and so oleic acid is an effective repellent. Despite the effect it has on insects, it smells no worse than cooking oil to humans, and is also considered nutritious. This and its cost makes oleic acid a possible solution to the threat of insects attacking an infecting grain sources for humans.

In the article by Suman Mulumudi, the described experiment involves samples of either pure rice flour or rice flour mixed with oleic acid separately being made available to a number of rice flour beetles. The described behaviour of the beetles reflected the expectations, as the samples without oleic acid were attacked constantly, while the samples without were attacked occasionally, with the beetles moving away quickly after, expressing their distaste for the additional ingredient, and giving the flour samples a berth.

The article expresses that the experiment successfully illustrated the effectiveness of the oleic acid in repelling the beetles, though an alternative method would need to be found than mixing the oleic acid into the flour that would be later consumed by humans. Means such as a gelatinous cube or packet of oleic acid to saturate the air within flour containers with the scent were suggested as possibilities, and if applied, they may very well greatly affect the success in preserving flour and other grain food sources from these pests.


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Drawing showing the TCA (tricarboxylic acid) cycle

It seems that we have found out our friend’s, the alpha helix, secret online dating profile. Let’s see how he describes himself.


-Ren and Nandi


Let’s gather ’round kids cause its story time once again. The story of… Proline (dun DUN DUUUUUNN!!!!!!!!)

There was once this amino acid named Proline. It looks like a common a.a , it’s cyclic and non-polar and has a fused ring structure (seems pretty normal right?) WRONG!! This amino acid is far from normal. The alpha carbon and the alpha amino group bond to form this ring structure, but this leaves no hydrogen free to be donated and to stabilize the structure of the alpha helix or a beta pleated sheet, thereby disrupting the structure!

The victims of proline’s wrath are said to be left horribly disfigured (a slight bend/kink in the structure due to the lack of the H-bond present.)

Legend has it that proline is still seen around bends, and lurking at the end of the structures, plotting it’s revenge….BOO!!



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