Glycolysis: An Overview video review

This is a concise video giving you a gist of the basics of glycolysis.

It starts off giving their explanation of what glycolysis is. They define it as a series of 10 reactions which break down sugars like glucose into 3C molecules called pyruvate and it also produces ATP and NADH and all of this occurs in the cytosol of the cell. They then take you through the steps of the first phase. They explain that this stage uses energy to get from step 1, which is glucose, to step 5 which is Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate.

They then move on to phase 2 saying this phase produces 4 ATP’s 2 in step 7 and 2 in step 10. It also mentions how the steps involved with ATP production and loss are catalysed by a kinase. The video stresses that the product formed in steps 6 through 10 are formed for EACH G3P molecule generated in steps 4 and 5. This gives you an idea of how many of each product is produced seeing as the number is doubled. They finish the video by saying the net amount of product gotten is 2NADH and 2 ATP’s because 2 ATP’s were spent in the first half of the reaction.

  YouTube. “Glycolysis: An Overview.” 2014. (accessed 17 Mar 2014).


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  1. cools..hey uhm :4 remind me please, what’s the cytodol?

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