All amino acids have the same groups attached to their alpha carbons (Hydrogen, an amino group and a carboxyl group) except the R-groups which gives the amino acid their different characteristics. So have fun choosing your favourite.

Glycine (Gly):

  • Non-polar
  • I have an aliphatic R- group (do not contain aromatic rings)
  • My R-group is just a hydrogen…. nothing fancy
  • I am the smallest amino acid possible and I’m really shy…


Cysteine (Cys):

  • Polar
  • My R-group is neutral but I don’t really care…
  • If you get me together with another cysteine, things can get pretty wild. By losing both our hydrogens on our Sulphur Hydryl groups and forming a disulphide bond we can totally form into a Cystine bruh! We do crazy things when we’re oxidised!
  • But everyone knows the cure for an oxidation is a good reduction (am I right?) soo, if we get back 2 hydrogens then we go back to being Cysteine again (yawn!)


Phenylalanine (Phe) *ugh mouth full*

  • I fall under the aromatic R-groups (because I’m so sweet)
  • My R-group is basically a hexagonal ring with double bonds arranged in a conjugated form
  • Some people even say that I have a beautiful benzene ring present *wink wink*


Aspartate (Asp):

  • What are you lookin’ at? Yeah, I have a negatively charged R-group! What about it?
  • My R-group has a COOˉ present so you better not mess with me!


Histidine (His):

  • Hi! I’m Histidine and I have a positively charged R-group because I look on the brighter side of life (hehehe)
  • Just kidding! My R-group is positive because I have a nitrogen which has four other bonds
  • Some people call me an essential amino acid because I can’t be synthesized by the human body but that’s ok because I can be obtained from your diet.




Choose your character references:


the name’s bond… peptide bond references:


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  1. i love how you guys made learning so easy and fun! so creative!

  2. Soo creative and entertaining,…. great job…

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