Tha’ Cell Life…freaky freaky wurttt

I was started by a cool man named Hooke,

And under a microscope he took a look.

Using thin pieces of a cork,

He saw tiny pores in them and was like what the fork


I am a cell,

And I’m really fun to know,

I make you up,

From head to toe,

I have some stuff called organelles,

It’s pretty much in all my cells.


I have a cell wall to keep plants upright,

But animal cells don’t need them,

Cause their spines work alright.


In plant cells a chloroplast exist,

But again, not in animals,

Cause they don’t do photosynthesis!


I have a cell membrane which lets stuff in and out,

I am pretty important, no doubt.


I have mitochondria which makes ATP,

Therefore I give a lot of energy.


I have a nucleus which controls us,

And close to it is my endoplasmic reticulum which can be smooth or rough.

I have ribosomes which make protein,

But only under an electron microscope it can be seen.


My protein goes to the golgi apparatus,

And is packaged then transported in the form of a vacuole

Isn’t that really really cool?


There is much more to say about the cell,

But for now, you know me very well.                            

Poem by Nandi


Posted on February 1, 2014, in Uncategorized and tagged . Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. This poem made me understand a little about cells…

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