Story Time

An Endosymbiont Love Story by Arie and Ren

In the beginning there were two cells named mitochondrion (mito) and chloroplast (chloro). They had 70s ribosomes, circular DNA that existed freely and no membrane bound organelles. They were known as prokaryotes. One day, they found a beautiful eukaryotic cell (eukary), and they both fell instantly in love with it. Thus beginning their courting ritual. Eukary realised she couldn’t live without mito and chloro so she engulfed them via endocytosis. Mito would provide eukary with ATP’s daily, and chloro would bring it freshly made glucose which it photosynthesised itself. Mito and chloro now had a double membrane; their outer membrane comprised of the same components as that of the membranes in eukary and their inner membrane resembled that of a prokaryote. They lived happily ever after, concluding our endosymbiont theory love story.



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